A Letter from the Founders

A Letter from the Founders.

The Mendleton Foundation is an all-volunteer, veteran run 501(c)(3) non-profit that aims to support the military community, past and present. The Foundation does this by providing around the clock assistance in times of dire need, routine meetings for those that need to vent, large events to bring everyone together, and personal help to those that really need it.

The Foundation has a large social media presence and uses this in order to leverage the support of thousands of active duty, veteran, reserve, and retired service members when someone needs their help, providing that around the clock assistance in times of dire need. Our members then spring into action to contact the person and help them in any way they can. This is generally through talking them through a tough situation, physically going to their location, contacting their family and friends, or in the most extreme cases where a life is at stake--communicating with emergency services.

The Foundation operates an office in Oceanside, near Camp Pendleton, that is open to all to get support or just hang out. We have a variety of donated couches, games, XBOX, and Playstations that people can use to relax and get away from the stresses of life. We also have recently begun providing a monthly meeting where we can plan to get together, share, and enjoy our time with others who have gone through something similar--whether it's the stresses of the battlefield that never leave or the stresses of life as they happen now.

Near quarterly, the Foundation hosts large events in various places from beaches to community areas across Northern San Diego County. These events aim to bring together all of our members from around the area and beyond to one place where they can hopefully meet someone new and enjoy their time. We generally have a variety of food, entertainment, and other organizations that have something to provide to the military community.

Finally, when all of that isn't enough, we provide a limited number of personal grants to those that really need it. Our requirements to receive a grant focus on honorable military service, showing need, a plan to improve, and our ability to help them. We never give out cash grants--in the past, we have paid for hotel rooms for homeless veterans, apartment deposits, bus tickets, and airfare.

Our most recent project is the Mendleton "Farms to Families" program, where we provide bags of local organic produce to families that could use help making it to that next paycheck. This is a service we provide free of charge with the help of generous local farms.

We look forward to continuing to work with the military community, continuing to grow our services, and continuing to meet new people engaged in helping themselves and each other.

Semper Fi.

David Hackman and Caleb Moss
Founders of the Mendleton Foundation

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Caleb Moss

Veteran of the Marine Corps. Co-Founder of the Mendleton Foundation.

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