About Mendleton

Who we are and how we came to be

The Mendleton Foundation is unique among veteran’s support charities. Run entirely by retired and active duty service members, we’re a community first. And that’s because we started as a community first.

The Mendleton Foundation began as a Facebook group created for Camp Pendleton Marines and sailors to exchange and sell military gear. One evening, a Marine in a dark place with nowhere else to turn reached out for support.

Soldiers in basic training

The response was immediate and overwhelming. Dozens of members offered help in whatever ways they could. Even more reached out to share similar stories and struggles. The entire community rallied around one man in his moment of need. A moment of need that was familiar to many.

A movement was born.

Our mission is simple: Support. Share. Strengthen. We’re going to eliminate service member suicide and isolation.

We do this through running a welcoming and safe online support network exclusively for service members. It’s a place to share memories, post questions, ask for help, or simply connect with fellow veterans and active duty members from across the country.

Carrying the flag uphill

We also organize local events for our members and their families, friends, and loved ones. These events are so important to us and our community. Whether it’s a beach barbecue, a hike, a gun shoot or a car show, these events are opportunities for veterans and service members to connect, share, and have fun.

The Mendleton Foundation welcomes service members of all ethnicities, genders, and ages and their loved ones at our events. However, some of our events are for service members only.

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We take care of each other by providing resources and much needed support in hard times and anytime.