Frank Daugherty Legal Advice Clinic

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Frank Daugherty Legal Advice Clinic

Mendleton Foundation Office

Frank Daugherty Legal Advice Clinic

3PM - 7PM

169 Roymar Rd

Oceanside, CA

Frank Daugherty is an active duty Gunnery Sergeant serving in the US Marine Corps, currently stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA.  He is a licensed attorney in the State of California as well as in the San Diego Federal District Court.

Frank has deployed 6 times including (3) combat tours to Iraq.  He was with RCT-7 during the initial invasion in 2003 and was wounded in action in OIF 5-7 and again in OIF 6-8.

The nature of a free legal clinic is that he will not form an attorney-client relationship with anyone over the clinic.  He can field questions and concerns regarding legal issues and give an assessment of how to resolve the issue, as well as provide resources as necessary.

As an active duty member, Frank cannot represent any service members against the government which would be a conflict of interest.  However, he can give advice and counseling on related matters such as NJP, ADSEP, etc.

Most issues can be resolved without actually engaging an attorney and those are the issues that will be resolved on the spot.  Issues that are more complex will receive an assessment of the likely outcomes of different courses of action and a start in the right direction.

He will also be able to notarize documents on the spot if you bring proper identification.


This service is provided free of charge for service members and veterans.  Mendleton Foundation cannot be held liable for any advice given during this event.